What is the best way to epilate legs?

Philips Satinelle epilator for legsOne of the best ways to eliminate unwanted hair on places like your legs and underarms is by using an epilator. That is a tool, similar to a razor, that removes hairs by pulling them out by the roots. Ouch you might say, but it really does work, and leaves the skin smoother and hair free for a longer period of time. There are some pros and cons of using an epilator, let’s go over some of those now, along with some of the best methods.

You Might Think It Hurts, And It Does, A Little

Using an epilator does hurt a little, but not so much, and there are ways to reduce the pain when you first get started. The epilator will hurt the most the very first time you use it anywhere because there are more hairs needing to be pulled the first time. Later, only a percentage of the hairs will have grown back, so there will be much less pain each time you use it in the future.

Start by using it on a less sensitive area, like your legs, to get used to the effect, then try it on your underarms where it will hurt more because there are more hairs, and it’s more sensitive. After you’ve used it about 4 times, you’ll barely notice any pain at all. Also, if you use it immediately after you shower, the hairs pull out easier, and with less pain.

It Takes Awhile For The Hairs To Grow Back, Some Not At All

It normally will take up to 6 weeks, on average, for the hairs to grow back, but each one will grow at its own pace. So if you keep using the epilator on your legs, for instance, in the second week only about 20% of the hairs will have grown back and that’s one of the reasons there is far less pain each time you use it.

As time goes on, there will be fewer and fewer hairs growing back at any given time you use the epilator, this makes you job easier and less painful at the same time. Your legs will also get less sensitive to having the hairs pulled as well, until finally it will be pain-free and hair free.

The Biggest Advantage Is There Is No Stubble Afterwards

What most bothers women who shave their legs is that after just a few hours there is stubble growing back, to a certain extent. If you epilate, the hairs are pulled out at the roots, so any new hair that grows will not only take longer, but it won’t be a short, sharp, piece of stubble, but a soft new tip of hair instead. This gives you quite a bit more time before a repeat epilation.

Preventing Ingrown Hairs Isn’t That Difficult

Since the hairs have been pulled out of the follicles there can be some redness immediately afterwards due to irritation, but if you put some rubbing alcohol on right away you should be able to prevent any small infections. Also, when the new hairs return in the next 2-6 weeks, they’ll be fine and have a difficult time breaking out through the top layers of the skin. You’ll want to exfoliate in order to prevent ingrown hairs, after which you should again use some rubbing alcohol.

You Should Treat Your Epilated Legs Like You Would Your Face

One thing is for sure, if you want to have smooth as silk legs, with no hair, no blemishes, peeling, or dryness patches, you need to treat them just like you would your face. That is, use plenty of moisturizing creams after every shower, plus once in the morning and just before bed as well. Your legs can take a beating, become dry and patchy with all the hair removal and other projects you have going on.

For The Armpits You Need To Take Your Time And Be Patient

Armpits can be a little sensitive, and they have a high concentration of hair in a small area. It’s best to trim the hair mostly before you start epilating so that you won’t be pulling all the hairs out on the first time. Then, as the hair grows, you can epilate again to get more hairs each time and spread the pain and irritation out over several different episodes. Once you’ve done it 5 to 6 times, the sensitivity will be gone, and the hairs will have a staggered growing cycle so you’re not ever pulling all of them at once. Avoid strong antiperspirants at first to reduce side effects.

Having smooth, soft skin, free of stubble is one of the goals that many women have. By using an epilator you can eliminate much of the shaving that needs to be done, and, you’ll not have the problems with stubble showing just a few hours later.

Video: How to remove leg hair using an epilator


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