What is the best hair removal cream for men?

For guys, the available range of hair removal methods and techniques has always been rather limited. This is because the hair removal industry is considered to be a very feminine world. Whilst nobody bats an eyelid if a man steps out with a full beard and a fuzzy chest, it is still frowned upon for women to abstain from shaving or waxing their bodies.

However, over the last ten years, things have slowly started to change and it is now much more common for guys to pay for professional waxing services and regularly remove the hair from their face, chest, back, and underarms. As a result of this masculine revolution, the sales of male hair removal products have soared and there are now more male creams, waxing kits, and depilatory devices on the market than ever before.

As most guys tend to have very thick and dark hair on their bodies, the typical men’s hair removal cream must be strong enough to tackle tough follicles without harming the skin. It must also smell pleasant, work fast, and be easy to apply and remove. The use of depilatory cream for men tends to be a direct alternative to shaving (either because it is quicker or involves less effort), so it does need to perform as well as shaving, if not better.

This handy guide to finding the best hair removal cream for men will help you to make the right decision when it comes to your personal grooming techniques.

#1. Balls Balm: The Bare Pair King Kombo

Balls Balm The Bare Pair King KomboThis innovative Balls Balm triple product hair removal kit wastes no time flirting around the main aim of its specially designed Bare Balm, Calm Balm, and Bare Paw hair removal solutions. It has been created for use on sensitive areas, particularly the scrotum, groin, shaft, and anal region. This means that it is one of the most gentle hair removal creams for men on the market and that there is no real limit to where you can use it (except the face).

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Whilst the Bare Balm is the primary removal solution (guys are advised to apply and then remove using the Bare Paw), the Calm Balm is a useful addition because it soothes and nurtures the skin after what can be quite an intense procedure. The only downside to this Balls Balm Kombo is the fact that it can be a little uncomfortable for guys with extremely sensitive or easily irritated skin.

#2. Veet for Men Gel Cream

Veet For Men Hair Removal Gel CremeNow, it is worth pointing out that this Veet Depilatory Gel has gained quite a reputation over the last few years. It has been the subject of numerous comic articles, due to a raft of guys attempting to use it for the removal of genital hair – cue dozens of laugh out loud reviews and more than a few red faces. You see, this cream clearly states that it is NOT to be used on genital areas.

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If you can manage to follow the instructions provided, you will find this depilatory cream for men to be an easy and gentle way of tackling stubborn chest, leg, back, and underarm hair. Whilst its odor is certainly not unpleasant, Veet has never really gotten away from that slightly chemical whiff, so wash treated areas thoroughly after application and do not exceed the recommended treatment time or you could end up very sore skin.

#3. Nair Hair Remover Body Cream for Men

Nair for Men Hair Remover Body CreamAs far as hair removal solutions go, Nair is very much the rival to Veet. The question is, which brand offers the best results? Well, for starters, it is worth pointing out that they work in pretty much the same way. The recommended treatment time should never exceed more than five minutes and you should not use this hair removal cream to tackle hairs on the face, genitals, or anal region.

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However, it works very effectively on the chest, back, underarms, and legs. According to user reviews, Nair Hair Remover Body Cream for Men is not quite as gentle on sensitive skin as Veet products, but it does leave skin smoother after application and treatment. This latest formulation of what is now a classic hair removal blend incorporates a soothing moisturizer for after treatment nurturing, so it will actively support skin when it comes to bouncing back from an intense grooming session.

#4. Brazilian Back Hair Removal for Men

Brazilian Back Hair removal for menWhilst it is debatable whether there exists a permanent hair removal cream for men, there are plenty of products out there which claim to last longer than all the rest. This Brazilian Back Hair Removal Cream for Men has been specially designed to tackle very thick and dark hair. It can also be used by overly hirsute ladies, particularly if they are super keen to find a cream which is tougher than the standard feminine hair removal products.

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This cream was specifically created for use on the back, so it has a pleasing consistency (not too firm and not too runny), which will thrill guys who have been looking for a product which does not slip and slide off the body as soon as it leaves the tube. Plus, it promises to work wonders on very coarse hair, whilst still treating the skin with care and sensitivity. The innovative ‘smock’ application garment which comes with the cream makes treatment easier than ever before.

Taking Care of Your Skin after Applying Hair Removal Creams

The vast majority of hair removal creams for men are extremely easy to use. They come with detailed instructions and as long as you follow the advice provided by the manufacturer, your experience should be a fulfilling one. It is possible for certain types of skin to respond more sensitively to hair removal solutions, so it is a good idea to perform a spot test before you start the treatment.

If you can complete a spot test without experiencing any skin problems, you are fine to go ahead with a hair removal treatment. It is imperative that you do not exceed the recommended treatment time, that you apply the cream to suitable areas only, and that you wash skin thoroughly after use – follow these steps and you will be enjoying smooth hair free skin in no time.

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