The Lowdown on Hair Growth Inhibitor Creams

best hair growth inhibitor creamThink about a world where shaving, waxing, plucking, and even laser technology don’t exist. How else will women keep their bikini area, legs and underarms smooth, or men keep their beards in check?

Removing hair that grows in parts of the body where we don’t want it is an integral part of personal grooming, and the good news is technology has even taken this a step further with hair growth inhibitors.

Hair growth inhibitor creams

Sprays work fine, but there are those who might prefer the rich and soft feeling of applying creams instead. Hair inhibitor creams are also readily available in the market, and they come in all varieties imaginable. With creams, you usually get an added moisturizing effect so it’s not just limited to inhibiting hair growth.

Natural hair growth inhibitor

There are many creams that you can pick from, but the best ones are always those made with all natural ingredients. There are a number of natural hair growth inhibitors in the market today that come in cream form, and these are the ones that have really been specially formulated with the best of nature’s offerings.

Why look further and put chemicals when nature has given us all that we need? Here are the best of the best when it comes to natural hair growth inhibitors:

#1. Omiera Labs Adroit Hair Growth Inhibitor Cream

Omiera Labs Adroit Natural Hair Growth InhibitorThis is what you need when you’re looking for a product that can work effectively not just for facial hair but also for hair in the legs and bikini area. Moreover, this cream is effective in minimizing unwanted hair as well as preventing annoying breakouts that come as a result of shaving, waxing, and other hair removal methods.

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What people usually forget about hair removal is that it can cause a lot of skin irritation afterwards, and this hair inhibitor cream is something that can prevent that from happening. With the ability to moisturize and even heal the skin, using this cream will leave skin smooth and silky in between hair removal sessions. Aside from that, it also works as a dark spot corrector, so you get all of these wonderful benefits in addition to it being effective in stopping hair from growing back quickly.

#2. BareEver Permanent Hair Removal Cream

BareEver Natural Hair InhibitorThis is another option that works well for both men and women who want a natural hair remover for the face and the body. Paraben-free and made from 100% natural ingredients, this product is specially formulated with plant extracts and Himalayan spring water. This winning combination helps hydrate the skin, soothe it from the hair removal procedures, and keep it smooth.

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To keep the natural quality of the product, it also comes with a natural sandalwood fragrance and it’s free to use in parts of the body where you might find unwanted hair. So whether that’s the face, your hands, legs, underarm, bikini area, back, and even the upper lip, expect hair to gradually stop growing, eventually permanently.

When you use this permanent hair removal cream together with whatever hair removal method you’re going for, the cream is able to penetrate your skin at a time when the pores are open and the follicle is empty. With its special formulation, it can help slow down the activity of new hair follicle cells at the level where it matters the most, which is the root. This prevents new hair from growing because the product basically acts at the Anagen stage of hair growth.

As you keep using the product and as time passes, hair will gradually become thinner and ultimately weaker. This reduces the growth of hair as you go along and as you keep using the product, you will eventually say goodbye to hair permanently.

#3. Gutto Essential Ant Egg Oil Cream

Gutto Natural Ant Egg Oil Hair Reducing CreamMade from ant egg oil, this natural cream is backed by several clinical studies and dermatological tests. A breakthrough product, this has been found to lessen the amount of hair in any area of the body that you apply it in by as much as 65%, according to its manufacturer. Because it’s safe and all natural, you can apply it wherever you want, even the most delicate parts of the face. Manufacturer also claims that it delays hair regrowth by as much as 75%, and it weakens the current body hair that you have by 46%.

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Aside from that, the Gutto Essential Ant Egg Oil Cream protects the pH balance of your skin, so you don’t have to worry about dryness. Because of this unique ability it not only preserves the softness of the skin but also increases its resilience. This is truly a breakthrough product that works even for very fine hair, which has always been a challenge for some hair removal methods.

#4. Revitol Hair Removal Cream

revitol-hair-removal-creamA good 2-in-1 option is the Revitol Hair Removal Cream, which is both a hair removal cream and a hair growth inhibitor. This double purpose cream really does hit two birds with one stone, and this is important especially for those who find it taxing to take note of too many products.

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This product comes with an advanced hair inhibitor system. Safe for use in any part of the body (yes, even the face!), you can count on this product to lessen hair growth, so you can say goodbye to the pains of regular waxing, shaving, or even tweezing. This hair removal and hair inhibitor cream is also very easy to use, so you get results without much effort at all.

The only downside is that this option is the most expensive among them all. Some customers also noted that this smells like Nair, which can be unpleasant for some people. This is expected considering that the Revitol is first and foremost a depilatory cream (which smells bad due to their depilating action).

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