How to Prevent Ingrown Hairs After Waxing and Epilating

Ingrown hairIngrown hairs are annoying to deal with. They tend to appear on the skin after you have waxed or shaved your body.

The reason they show up is because the hair follicle becomes infected. Sometimes these hairs will look a lot like small blemishes, which may make you feel even more embarrassed about them.

What You Need To Do To Prevent Ingrown Hairs After Waxing

Although the ingrown hairs can be a complete pain, there is actually some good news. In fact, you can prevent the ingrown hairs from forming with just a few simple ingredients that will not cost much money. Once you try out some of the ideas below, you should not have to deal with this problem any longer.

Exfoliate Your Body

If you know that you are going to get waxed, start exfoliating your skin. When you use an exfoliating scrub, you can start getting rid of all that dead skin while preparing your skin for what will come soon, which would be the waxing session.

There are plenty of exfoliating skin care products on the market. However, if you do not have any at home and would like to start treating the skin now because you are planning to get waxed in the next few minutes, you can make your own scrub by combining a bit of coconut oil with some brown sugar.

Make sure that you get into the shower before exfoliating.

The warm water that you use will soften the skin, making it a lot easier to get rid of the dead skin when you are scrubbing. After your body is wet, begin scrubbing gently over your body with your hands or with a body brush.

As soon as you get out of the shower, you will feel the softness of your skin. Continue exfoliating regularly for several days before having any of your hair waxed from your body in an attempt to avoid ingrown hairs and keep them from forming.

Apply Warm Oil to Skin

As soon as your waxing session is over, heat up a combination of olive oil and tea tree oil. Check the oil blend before applying it to your skin to make sure that it is warm enough, but not too hot that it would cause any burning or discomfort.

Carefully rub the oil over the areas of your body that you have just had waxed. The warm sensation will truly feel good when applied to the skin that may feel slightly irritated due to having some hair removed. However, the oil could also prevent the ingrown hairs from showing up.

It is easy to find both of these different oils. If you are missing one or the other, you can still apply the warm oil to your skin. You may also want to try using coconut oil because it works well and is just as easy to find too.

What to Do If You Have an Ingrown Hair

Now that you know how to prevent the ingrown hairs, you should always make sure to follow these tips so that you can avoid them in the future. However, if you currently have an ingrown hair, you might want to know what you should do to get rid of it quickly.

You could start by creating a paste for any of the ingrown hairs by combining some baking soda with aloe vera gel. Mix both ingredients together until you have a thick paste. Make sure that it is not too watery or else it will not stick directly on the skin.

Apply the combination of these two ingredients right on top of the ingrown hairs and then simply wait for it to dry before you put your clothes on or move around too much. As soon as the paste dries, leave it on for an additional 30-60 minutes. If you are going to sleep, it is safe to leave the baking soda paste on overnight for great results.

When you rinse it off, you may notice that the ingrown hair does not look nearly as inflamed as it did at first. Each time that you continue to use the paste, the ingrown hairs should start to become smaller and less noticeable until they are no longer there.

Some people prefer to use crushed aspirin instead of the baking soda. If you are not sure which one will work better for you, consider trying both to see just how fast the unwanted ingrown hairs will go way.

Even though you may feel extremely frustrated when you notice an ingrown hair on your skin, it does not mean that you have to just deal with it until it finally goes away on its own. There are several simple and affordable ways for you to prevent these hairs from growing in and even get rid of them quicker if they do appear.

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