Hair Removal Cream 101: Benefits, Cost & Side Effects

Hair removal cream 101If you cannot bear the pain of plucking or waxing and you can’t stand shaving, then the solution to your unwanted hair is a depilatory cream. You can use the product by applying the cream, letting it settle for about five to ten minutes, and then getting rid of the hair with a swipe. This product is available in the cosmetics section of many stores. The cost of the cream ranges from $3 to $15.

As opposed to the drying effect of shaving on the skin, hair removal creams can moisturize it for a smoother look and feel. It acts near the hair roots and delays its regrow phase. Hence, you will have softer skin without the cuts and irritation.

Hair removal creams or depilatories are alkaline-based chemicals that contain calcium thioglycolate, sodium thioglycolate, and strontium sulfide. They get rid of hair from the skin by altering the protein structure or the keratin of the hair. Hence, the hair becomes a jelly-like substance and falls from its roots. This is ideal for bikini lines, facial hair, and underarm hair. It is convenient and easy to use. These products come with directions on the correct application on the skin.


The benefits of hair removal cream include the following:

• Quick and easy to use.

A small area of the skin will take about fifteen minutes to complete the entire procedure. You can still do other things while you leave the cream on your skin. The process is as simple as putting lotion on your skin. You can do it at home, so it’s more comfortable and private. You do not have to pay for the services of treatment centers because you can simply follow the instructions. Applying the cream over the skin does not need expertise to complete the task.

• Affordable price.

Local shops and drugstores offer hair removal creams in different brands that suit your budget. If you bought a cream that is not compatible with your skin type, you can still opt to try another brand because it will not cost you a lot.

• Pain-free.

Hair removal creams are painless if you strictly follow the instructions and avoid delicate areas of your body. In addition, you should read the warnings on the label.

• Softer and smoother skin.

When you wipe out the cream and the hair, you also rub off the dead cells on the skin’s surface, revealing a more radiant and healthy skin.

• Slow hair growth.

Studies show that depilatories can retard the growth of hair in some areas. Their results last longer than shaving, about a week or more.


Hair removal creams are good alternatives to plucking, shaving, and waxing. However, you should be aware of its downsides. Here are the possible side effects you might experience when using hair removal creams:

• Uneven and patchy appearance.

If you are not able to apply the cream evenly on all surfaces, you could end up with an uneven shave.

• It has a chemical smell.

The scent is similar to a perming or sulfuric substance with a pungent smell.

• Harsh chemical content.

Since it has chemical components, you should follow directions specified in the package because they can cause serious damage to the skin. Reports reveal cases of blisters, burns, irritation, itchiness, peeling, rashes, redness and swelling of the skin.

If you are prone to allergies and have sensitive skin, it is advisable that you consult a dermatologist before using a depilatory product. Start on a small patch of the skin before attempting it on a larger zone. Observe your skin’s response for 24 hours before continuing with the process. A superficial tingling sensation is negligible as you let the cream remain on your skin. However, if you feel a burning, stinging, and painful feeling, rinse it off promptly and apply cold water. Your skin might be hypersensitive or allergic to its content. A chemical burn requires medical intervention.

For best results, choose a hair removal cream for a particular area. Some brands are specific for underarms while others are for facial hair. Some manufacturers add moisturizer, aroma and aloe to the formula for a smoother skin. For the strong chemical scent, you may use aromatic and scented candles to conceal the odor.

The use of hair removal cream is one of the best options for removing unwanted hairs because it is affordable and easy to use. You should consider the pros and cons of the product to guide you in choosing a hair removal method that will fit you.

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