Do Hair Growth Inhibitors Really Work?

If your hair growth is extreme or you’d rather deal with less hair over time, consider using a hair growth inhibitor. While these products usually do not stop hair growth completely, they can slow it down. When used in combination with waxing and shaving, a hair growth inhibitor can increase the time between treatments.

Do growth inhibitors really work? There is evidence that says they can and there are several products which have a good reputation for inhibiting hair growth.

Hair Growth Inhibitors – Do They Really Work?

Before using any hair growth inhibitor, it is important to discuss the decision with your doctor or dermatologist. Results will vary from person to person and there are some products on the market which are outright scams. There are three products which seem to be effective at inhibiting the growth of facial and body hair.

The Three Best Hair Growth Inhibitors

1. Vaniqa

vaniqaThe only hair growth inhibitor approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, Vaniqa is effective at reducing hair growth on the face. This product contains eflornithine which has been clinically proven to alter and reduce hair growth.

In a study published in the European Journal of Dermatology, subjects who used 11.5 percent eflornithine cream for four months saw a reduction in the amount of facial hair and an increase in the grow time from one to four months. With 13.9 percent eflornithine, Vaniqa can be very effective at slowing the rate of growth and the amount of facial hair.

2. Kalo

kalo post epilating lotionAnother hair growth inhibitor that is very effective is Kalo. Kalo seems to reduce the rate of growth for both facial and body hair. This product interrupts the growth cycle using a sulfur reducer.

Hair needs sulfur to grow and the sulfur reducer found in this product helps reduce both the rate of growth and the amount of growth. This product is typically used in conjunction with waxing or plucking.

After waxing or plucking, the hair follicle is lined with the sulfur reducer which places these compounds directly in contact with the hair growth site.

3. Revitol

revitol-hair-removal-creamThis is a hair removal cream that works as a hair growth inhibitor. This cream not only reduces the amount of growth but also completely removes the hair all the way to the root.

This product uses bioactive plant extracts which are absorbed by the hair follicle. These extracts then reduce the hair shaft at the growth site. Hair becomes finer and thinner. To choose the best product, it is important to understand how each works.

How A Hair Growth Inhibitor Works

None of the hair growth inhibitors listed above claim to permanently remove hair. What they do seem to do well both slow down and minimize the regrowth of hair. Each of these products should be used in combination with other hair removal treatments such as waxing and shaving. They do seem to work best with hair removal treatments that take out the hair root. The best treatments for this are waxing, tweezing, sugaring, and threading. This allows the enzymes and extracts to get to the hair root which is how they reduce the time and amount of hair growth. Products vary, so it is important to be sure you can get your money back if the product does not work for you.

Hair growth inhibitors seem to be effective, especially if they are used in combination with a hair removal treatment that gets the root of the hair. Each of the products above slows the rate of hair growth, although none stop it permanently.

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