Your Personal Guide to Roll-on Waxing Kits and Systems

depilatory waxJust starting to venture into at-home waxing? With plenty of options to choose from, it can be quite confusing. The wide array of waxing products available in the market today includes complete systems that basically just have two categories: the pot wax and the cartridge/roller wax. The former involves taking wax from a container or pot after it is heated and applying it on the skin using disposable spatulas. This method, however, has taken a bad rap lately due to the high chance of cross-contamination of the wax.

From hair to raised counts of bacterial colony, cross contamination is not uncommon in salons or spas that have poor hygiene practice. Estheticians who re-dip used spatulas right back into their wax pots have been suspected as the culprits. This re-dipping action is considered unhygienic especially when done in the bikini line and underarm areas that are both prone to the presence of bacteria and bleeding.

Other than the underarms and bikini line, nearly every part of your body can be rid of unwanted hair. Given the number of areas, anybody who is considering waxing any part of their body should not leave hygiene to chance. Hygiene is mentioned specifically here since this is currently an issue for wax pot use. For those who have their waxing done at a salon or spa and are apprehensive to use wax pots, the roll-on waxing system is an alternative which could prove suitable.

how to use a roller waxArguably, the roll-on warmer, a purportedly more convenient and hygienic way to remove unwanted hair with the same effective results, has users and converts in the same manner as wax pots have. These roller warmers are equipped with a wax cartridge which “clicks” right into an applicator that has been designed to be self-heating.

This applicator warms up the wax to the desired temperature of the user every time. These warmers, according to customers who have tried using them, ensure that clean and thin wax layers are always dispensed for a uniform, even, and complete coverage with each application. Removal is easy with a singular fluid and swift motion using reusable strips which are inclusive of the purchase.

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Roller Type vs Pot Wax

Sanitation issues aside, using the pot wax has several advantages which have long served clients who want unwanted hair removal. Using the pot wax for hair removal has always been the standard but because of recent reports that this may result in infection, irritation or other skin conditions, it is best to know the pros and cons that go with using it.

pot wax double warmerPros for using a pot wax warmer:

  • Can be used for legs, face, bikini line, arms, and underarms.
  • Results last between three and six weeks.
  • Can be done in the privacy and comfort of the user’s home.
  • Affordable depending on the brand of the waxing product and when done at home.
  • Professional looking results.
  • At-home waxing kits using pots come in several types including no heat strips and microwavable wax.
  • A personal wax warmer is handy and portable for users who are already adept on how to use one.
  • Professional waxing services using pots are a fuss-free and quick way to remove hair.

Cons for using heated pot wax:

  • Prices can be astronomical when done at some professional salons or spas.
  • Exposure to unhygienic practices is increased when done by a negligent esthetician.
  • The waxing novice may find it difficult to follow exact heating temperatures that may result in burns.
  • Can be painful depending on the user’s threshold.
  • There is a possibility of skin irritation as well as skin darkening in the targeted areas for some.
  • The microwavable variety needs constant re-heating if wax gets cold before the user can apply it.
  • In-grown hairs are likely to appear sooner than later.
  • The wax can leave a sticky residue on areas where it was applied.

Not all roll-on warmers are made equal, meaning they have pros and cons to their use just as wax pots do. Take a look at these pros and cons to help you decide whether or not this type of hair removal can work for you.

roll-on cartridge waxRoll-on Wax Pros:

  • Eliminates the risk of cuts, razor burns, and nicks.
  • Reduces the rate at which hair stubble grows.
  • Diminishes hair growth – in length and texture – with continued regular use.
  • Safely removes unwanted hair from the body and face.
  • Hygienic because there is no wax dipping or even re-dipping done.
  • Cross contamination is not possible with roller heads if proper sanitation practices are in place.
  • The self-heating apparatus ensures that the temperature is consistent during application.
  • Highly suitable for areas that are likely sensitive such as the face and bikini line.
  • Because the temperature is regulated, there little or no risk of post-waxing irritation of the skin’s hair follicles that can cause tiny bumps and redness.
  • The wax for roll-ons is water soluble, meaning it is easier to clean up any residue that may be left on the skin after hair removal.
  • Refills for the cartridges are accessible.
  • Only the exact amount of wax is used because it comes pre-measured, meaning there is no wastage and the supply can last for longer.
  • Airborne dust, bacteria, hair, and other contaminants do not get into roll-ons.
  • Roll-on Wax Cons:
  • Some brands of roll-ons may be too strong for application in sensitive areas like the bikini line.
  • There are some brands which have the distinctive smell of chemicals.
  • Some customers have experienced skin irritation after use of roll-ons.
  • Contamination may occur if a new cartridge and applicator head are not used in professional spas or salons.
  • Some brands have cartridges that get hot to hold.

The Different Roll-on Waxing Systems

Some people prefer the roll-on waxing system because there is no need to handle wax. Moreover, the hair removal is done at a temperature that is considerably low so as not to burn skin; there is no dripping of wax, either. Most roll-on waxing systems require only one cartridge for use four times or on four large areas such as legs, making a roll-on warmer an economical choice for the budget-conscious.

For the professional esthetician or owner of a salon or spa, a roll-on waxing system can be applied and completed in virtually half the time that it takes to use a wax pot for hair removal, from heating the wax product to clean-up of any leftover or residue. A roll-on waxing system can save time to fit in a larger volume of clientele since there is no necessity to clean-up after application.

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