What is the best professional wax warmer?

A warmer for hair wax is not exclusive and limited for use by spas or professional salons. Investing in one is actually more economical in the long run than purchasing a microwavable container. Moreover, a wax warmer is ultimately much safer and convenient to use than a microwavable-type variety. This results in cost-efficient waxing with the right and consistent temperature.

The best wax warmer is able to maintain the appropriate temperature for the product until it is turned off, meaning you don’t need to go back and forth to reheat your wax, something you cannot do if you use the microwavable type of wax. The wax pot which you put in the warmer can be reused until it is gone. Additionally, the wax remains sanitary as long as it is kept covered during storage.

Here are the top rated professional depilatory wax warmers:


#1. Satin Smooth Professional Single Wax Warmer

Satin Smooth Professional Single Wax Warmer KitThere are a plethora of wax warmers available on the market, but you have to be discriminating when it comes to the purchase of one. Take Satin Smooth Professional Single Wax Warmer Kit, the professional tool which you can use in the privacy and comfort of your own home to give yourself a personalized waxing experience sans the high cost that a professional salon will charge.

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This kit’s single warmer can accommodate standard can sizes of 14 and 16 ounces of wax. It includes 14 ounces of Deluxe Cream Wax which been specially formulated for even those with sensitive skin and is suitable for waxing the body and face, four ounces of Satin Cleanser for pre-depilatory cleansing, five protective collars, a secure fitted cover, and four ounces of Satin Cool that acts as a lotion for post-depilatory.

Also included in the kit are 30 pieces of epilating cloth made from soft muslin fabric and a step-by-step instructional DVD. Moreover, this kit gives you a wide range of settings for the ultimate in temperature control as well as quick time for heating it up without having to wait for long. With Satin Smooth’s Professional Single Wax Warmer Kit, you can have professional salon quality waxing any time you want.

#2. Gigi Hair Remover Pro 1 Kit

Gigi Hair Remover Pro 1 KitIf you are a professional waxer, you know that only the best hair removal products and tools will satisfy clients. The GiGi Hair Remover Pro 1 Kit is a complete system which has everything that a salon professional need.

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The kit is inclusive not only of a Deluxe 14-ounce wax warmer and an instructional DVD but a wide array of cleansing products, lotions, and other hair removal essentials such as:

  • One 14 ounces of Facial Honee.
  • A total of 60 spatulas (20 pieces each of sizes petite, small, and large).
  • One 14 ounces of All-Purpose Honee.
  • A total of 100 pieces of natural strips of muslin (50 pieces each of sizes large and small).
  • Four ounces each of Pre-Hon Lotion, Antiseptic Lotion, After-Wax Cooling Gel, Sure Clean, and Slow Grow.
  • Two ounces of Wax Off.
  • Pre-Epilating Dusting Powder (3.5 ounces).
  • Window decal.
  • Price list.
  • Video.
  • Instructional manual.
  • Two pieces each of Body Strips and Face Strips.
  • Poster.
  • Ten 14 ounce-collars.
  • Two pieces of Rest Bars.
  • Product catalog.

#3. Depileve Deluxe Warmer

Depileve Deluxe WarmerDepileve Deluxe Warmer is highly recommended for those who are just beginning to wax. This warmer, which can hold up to 14 ounces of canned wax, has a separate on-and-off switch and is thermostat-controlled with adjustable settings for heat control to ensure that the wax melts down according to your temperature preference. You will use this warmer for many years because of the break-resistant durability of its plastic lid.

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Despite being the cheapest wax warmer in this list, Depileve is a durable pot tried and tested by estheticians. If you intend to use this at home, take note that it is quite big and bulky, so be sure you have enough counter space. Otherwise, it’s a good quality product used even by the professionals.

#4. Gigi Deluxe Double Warmer

Gigi Deluxe Double WarmerAdvanced engineering, intuitive technology, and years of research and development has made the GiGi Deluxe Double Warmer well ahead of the skincare industry’s curve. This warmer has a thermostat-controlled compact design to accommodate a duo of sealed pots that can hold 14 ounces of wax, each with an adjustable control for temperature and dual switches for power conservation.

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This double warmer has removable hinged lids that can easily be cleaned and sanitized to maintain hygiene of the wax. It can warm two different products at the same time. This warmer has a sleek, streamlined, and contemporary design that includes skid-free rubber feet and surfaces made from stainless steel material. Highly recommended for salons or spas, this warmer provides full waxing services simultaneously with efficiency.

#5. Clean + Easy Professional Waxing Spa Basic Kit

Clean + Easy Professional Waxing Spa Basic KitWith rave reviews from its satisfied customers, the Clean + Easy Professional Waxing Spa Basic Kit rightfully deserves its high ratings. Even the price of this product has become more affordable and may be compared to what you would normally pay for a single waxing session at a professional spa or salon (that is almost a saving of $250).

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Most customers have given this waxing product positive reviews because not only is it easy to use because of its detailed educational DVD complemented by an instruction booklet, the Clean Plus Easy Waxing Kit is highly economical as well since it contains a sufficient amount of wax that can be used for months on end. The DVD shows the user:

  • How to heat up the wax.
  • How to apply the heated wax onto the targeted area.
  • How to wax against the hair’s grain to yield successful results.

The Clean + Easy Professional Waxing Kit contains all of the equipment required to remove unwanted hair including the wax warmer, antiseptic wipes for use during pre-treatment of the targeted area, post-treatment lotions, and the wax, of course, which comes in three packs each of small, medium, and large sizes. The kit also contains, aside from items previously mentioned, the following:

  • Three packs of large roller head.
  • A five-ounce Restore Dermal Therapy Lotion.
  • 50 packs of each small, medium, and large size epilating cloth strips.
  • Fine line, small, and medium sizes of roller heads.
  • A five-ounce Remove After Wax Remover.

Although this system is ideal for the esthetician who is just starting out, this product is also perfect for those who want the quality of a waxing service done at a professional salon or spa minus the expensive price tag. Customer reviews have given this product the thumbs up for its mess-free application, and all because of the roller that is used to dispense the wax over the targeted area.

According to the official website of Clean + Easy, this Professional Waxing Spa Kit is a cleaner, more effective, and quicker way for removing unwanted hair because of its roller head that deposits an exact pre-measured amount of wax to layer the skin with each time it is used. This saves time instead of using spatulas and then dripping wax on skin’s surfaces.

For those in the professional spa or salon business, waxing services can be accelerated to save you time because of the innovative roller application. The wax warmer has an adjustable temperature control, which most customers found commendable since it provided wax consistency even after 30 minutes of it being heated. Additionally, reviews also noted that the wax came off easily without much pain as expected.

Wax Warmer Machine: Pot Wax vs Microwavable Wax

A successful home waxing will depend, partly, on the quality of the hot wax hair removal machine that you use. This is because the wax consistency is a major factor for an effective result. If the warmer is extremely hot, you can burn yourself, if it is too cool, it can’t adhere to the unwanted hair you are trying to remove. Moreover, the microwavable type of wax isn’t the best choice for hair removal on all body parts.

Microwaveable wax is okay for hair on your upper lip, chin, and other smaller areas of your body but for larger areas like your legs, arms or chest, for instance, the wax that has been microwaved almost always cools down way too soon. This means you have to heat up the wax again. Why get a microwavable wax when you can just get an electric wax warmer and save time and effort?

Using a wax warmer is more than just feeling like a professional aesthetician; it yields professional results like those you can expect from salons or spas with the corresponding astronomical price tags. The accessibility of wax warmers for home use provides the budget-conscious, the beginner at waxing or both the opportunity to experience the same professional waxing services at less cost.

The best hair wax warmer should be able to keep wax at a consistently heated temperature. Some warmers have only one switch the on-and-off function; others have heat settings that are adjustable. This type of warmer will cost you a little more than the microwavable container. At the end of the day, however, microwavable containers are used up more quickly, can leak or may not work after getting heated several times.

The main difference between wax warmers and microwavable ones is safety. The latter often heats unevenly and may cause serious cases of burns. While it takes considerably more time for a wax warmer to reach your desired temperature, you are assured that it will heat evenly. Do be careful, however, if there is a residue of wax left because this can be much hotter than the amount in a can that has been left on for longer.

2 thoughts on “What is the best professional wax warmer?

  1. With a 2 pot wax arm that runs @ 200-250 watts consistently…and only has an on/off switch with a variable dial for temperature…is it OK to leave it on all the time…set @ a low to mid range temperature? Does it also use 200-250 watts @ the low settings? Can I turn it off and come back a day or two later…turn back on and not damage (burn) the wax left in the pot(s)?

    I was told that turning it off and then after wax has solidified…turning it back on, will “burn” the wax in the pot…ruining the wax. ??? I want to be able to use less energy and hope I can just turn unit off when not using. This is an inexpensive dual pot…one that sells for $30 – $40 @ most places & sites I’ve seen.

    • It depends on the model of the unit, but it is recommended to only put wax on the warmer that you can finish/use up. Which brand/model of war warmer are you using?

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