What is the best home waxing kit?

If you are one of those women who get their legs waxed in a salon or spa regularly and would like to have the same kind of service at a much lower cost, you may want to consider a home waxing kit. With the plethora of these kits now available on the market, professional waxing is becoming less of a necessity and you can now have a salon-grade wax starting at $10.

Which home waxing system should you get?

Home waxing kits come in several varieties: hot or warm and cold are only two of them. A hot or warm wax kit will include the wax and separate strips of fabric. Although the majority of these kits have the same concept, read the instructions provided on the label from the manufacturer to ensure that you follow the waxing procedure exactly. This type of waxing yields a large area of coverage, making it more economical to use.

A cold wax kit usually comes with pre-waxed strips which don’t require any heating. You simply apply these by pressing them onto the skin where there is unwanted hair. Although some think cold waxing is not as effective as its hot counterpart, most people find cold waxing is a less messy procedure. The best at home waxing kit can give the user smooth, hairless skin for up to eight weeks.

Top 3 At-Home Waxing Kits

1. Satin Smooth Hard Wax

Satin Smooth Calendula Gold Hard Wax with Tea Tree OilThere are a few best self-waxing kits available on the market today and one of them is Satin Smooth Calendula Gold Hard Wax. Made from titanium dioxide and natural oils, this is a “no strip,” disposable wax formulation for those with coarse and thick hair. Highly recommended for use in Brazilian and bikini waxing, this hard wax can be used even on the body’s most sensitive or delicate areas.

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The secret to its suitability for all skin types is the wild calendula and tea tree plants, both used for centuries as anti-inflammatory agents for soothing and calming irritated, dry or damaged skin. The product is user-friendly and, according to various customer reviews, less painful when removing because it doesn’t stick to the skin and only “grabs” hair.

This has a nice scent to it and doesn’t irritate skin, a convenience that allows you to re-wax spots painlessly. It dries quickly like plastic, becomes brittle, and just manages to crackle off, which makes cleaning up less difficult to do. The incidence of skin burning is significantly reduced because the product removes hair down to its roots, so it’ll take time to grow back longer.

2. BodyHonee Hair Removal Kit

BodyHonee Extra Strength Hair Removal Waxing Kit For Men WomenThis extra-strength formulation is made from all natural ingredients, including an infusion of avocado oil, and can remove coarse or thick hair completely, even those shortest ones that are often missed by other hair removal products. BodyHonee Extra Strength Spa Wax, highly suitable for men and women, is guaranteed not to irritate the skin and will leave it hair-free for two months (or eight weeks).

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It takes only 60 seconds to heat this wax formula. With continued use, unwanted hair will gradually stop growing in those affected areas. Numerous customer reviews have called this product the best wax for hair removal because of the way it manages to remove even the most stubborn, shortest hair in a jiffy. It comes with oil-based cleansing towelettes and two wood spatulas.

3. Depileve Azulene Depilatory Wax

Depileve Azulene Cream Rosin WaxSpecifically formulated for those with sensitive skin, Depileve Azulene Cream Rosin Wax is most suitable for delicate areas like the bikini line, underarms, and face. This wax gives skin a perfectly smooth finish that leaves no trace whatsoever of the previous hair’s growth. Depileve Wax has been designed specifically for professional salon use so you get the same professional results as well when using it.

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The best hair removal wax should ensure that the wax sticks to your hair and not on your skin to reduce the pain which the pulling action on it can cause. Depileve’s ingredients – olive oil, rose petal, and lavender, to name a few – combine together not only to remove unwanted hair completely but leave your skin smooth and refreshed with minimal redness from the pulling action.

Tips to Consider Before You Wax

1. Exfoliate 24 hours before waxing your legs to ensure optimal results. Using a scrub or loofah will help you get rid of layers of old or dead skin to enable your wax to grab the unwanted hair more firmly before pulling it off.

2. If you are prone to allergies or have sensitive skin, take an ibuprofen or antihistamine half an hour prior to waxing just to be on the safe side.

3. Remember that applying ice to the area to be waxed will constrict follicles and make it even more difficult to get hair out since the pores there will close. Wash the targeted area with water and mild soap and dry it thoroughly.

4. Ensure that your skin does not have any residue from oil or lotion; this will prevent the wax from adhering to your skin.

5. Don’t forget that an astringent or toner will close your pores. So it’s best to skip them.

Benefits of Waxing

There are benefits that waxing your legs can give you that shaving with a razor will not. With the latter, you risk cuts, razor burns, and nicks on a daily basis. The absence of chemicals in the product’s formulation is another advantage that waxing has over application of topical creams, also known as depilatories, which have chemicals that often irritate skin.

Stubble is also another factor that waxing eliminates. Results from waxing can last between three to four weeks. Moreover, some waxing products are able to cause hair regrowth to become sparser and finer with continued use. But not all waxing kits are made equal, the reason why you have to choose the appropriate type to use, especially on your legs which are visible when you wear dresses, shorts, and skirts.

Best at Home Waxing Kits for Legs

If you are a waxing beginner, your legs would be the most likely body part that you should do first. There are different types of kits which use different types of waxes, namely: the hard wax, the microwavable hard wax, the cold strips, and the roll-on. Beginners would be more comfortable using the hard type since it can remove nearly all the unwanted hair with just one pass; you can use a tweezer to get the remaining hair.

The roll-on will remove unwanted hair but not as efficiently as the hard variety of wax and you will typically need two passes to remove all hair. This goes for the cold strips as well. Both are, unfortunately, not as effective at removing thick or coarse hair which is usually the kind found on the legs. The microwavable hard wax is the most convenient to use if you have a microwave.

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