Looking for the best home wax warmer?

Do you want to start waxing at home yet find it hard to decide which wax to go for? Cold wax is great for thicker and longer hair. But if you’re one of those with fine thin hair, then you’ll need a hot/warm wax. Having your own depilatory wax warmer for home use will save you money in the long run. We’ve rounded up the best at home wax warmers below.

#1. Gigi Mini Pro Waxing Kit

GiGi Mini Pro Waxing KitFor those who been searching for a reliable and durable wax warmer to use at home, five brands come to mind because of their efficiency. The GiGi Mini Pro Waxing Kit has been touted as an excellent starter kit for the budget-conscious or the novice who want professional quality waxing results.

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To give you an idea why this kit is making waves with estheticians and waxing enthusiasts alike, here’s a list of what it contains:

  • Wax warmer – that can accommodate 14 ounces of wax — with fitted cover.
  • 14 ounces of GiGi formulated Crème Wax.
  • Ten pieces each of small and large Accu Edge applicators (a total of 20 applicators).
  • Ten pieces of petite applicators for hard-to-reach areas like the bikini line.
  • 30 pieces each of large and small strips made from natural muslin material (a total of 60 strips).
  • Two ounces each of pre-hon, post-epilation lotion, post wax cooling gel, post-wax concealer, Sure
  • Clean, and Slow Grow.
  • Rest Bars.
  • A collar fitted for 14-ounce cans.
  • Technical manual.

The warmer comes with a collar as prevention against any amount of wax which may fall onto its side or anything around it. It has a knob for temperature control that has low, medium, and high settings for heat and an indicator light that informs the user if the heating process has been completed. The simplicity of this warmer does not undermine its reliable performance, though, the reason even beginners find it effective.

The GiGi Wax Warmer can accommodate most containers and effectively warm all types of wax formulations. Equipped with a see-through, transparent cover to prevent any possibility of wax contamination, this warmer has a lever for temperature control with an indicator light. The GiGi Wax Warmer may be purchased separately for about $30 but you get a better deal if you buy the entire kit.

#2. Clean + Easy Pot Wax Mini Starter Kit

Clean+Easy Pot Wax Mini KitBeginning professionals as well as students in the field of esthetics will find the Clean + Easy Pot Wax Mini Starter Kit ideal. It comes with one Deluxe Pot Warmer, the original 14-ounce Clean + Easy Pot Wax, 20 pieces of large strips made from muslin, one pack of petite-, small-, and large-sized applicator sticks, an instruction booklet, and one pack of collars.

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The Clean + Easy Pot Wax Mini Starter Kit can easily help students to practice waxing techniques correctly with actual products used in professional salons and spas because it contains all the essential items required for complete professional waxing services. For the beginning esthetician, the Clean + Easy Pot Wax Mini Starter Kit can hone an esthetician’s skills further without having to spend a fortune

#3. Salon Sundry Portable Hair Removal Wax Warmer

Salon Sundry Portable Electric Hair Removal Hot Wax WarmerIf it’s premium quality that you are looking for in a warmer, consider the Salon Sundry Portable Hair Removal Wax Warmer that is suitable for waxes of all types including the paraffin-based and therapeutic varieties. This warmer is equipped with a removable liner for its bucket and a circular-shaped heating element to yield a faster and even meltdown of wax.

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Equipped with a 360˚ heating coil, this warmer gives you results similar to those you would get at a professional salon or spa. At only 780 grams, you can easily pack and bring this warmer anywhere you travel.

Do a professional wax treatment in the privacy and comfort of your own home and even while you travel with Salon Sundry’s Portable Hair Removal Wax Warmer. Its highly durable construction includes a transparent cover and its reliable performance runs on a heating power of 75 watts. Because of the premium quality of its internal heater, this Salon Sundry warmer is able to melt all kinds of depilatory waxes including:

  • Canned.
  • Broken.
  • Block form.
  • Loose wax.
  • Bricks.

With its standard industry diameter of 4-1/8 inches, this warmer’s heating chamber with an interior depth of 2¼ inches accommodates not only the standard size of 14 ounces but other cans of similar diameter measurement. The removable liner is perfect for direct pouring as well as for use with the loose wax variety and can hold wax for up to 18 fluid ounces.

For safety and convenience, this warmer has a metal handle and a thermostat knob control to enable its heating element to adjust temperatures for up to 149˚F (65˚C); to maintain wax consistency, all the user has to do is to dial back the control to medium mode. Its transparent cover allows the user to track how much wax meltdown occurs while maintaining the desired heat and preventing possible contamination of the wax.

#4. Depileve Pro Wax Warmer

Depileve Pro Wax WarmerThe Depileve Pro Wax Warmer is thermostat-controlled, with adjustable settings for heat, a smooth and sleek design, and a plastic lid built to last because of its resistance to breakage. Although you can buy the Pro Wax Warmer separately, the Depileve Intro Kit can give you more value for your money if you plan to put up a waxing service business at minimal cost.

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Incidentally, the difference between the Pro Wax Warmer and the kit is just a few dollars. This kit is inclusive of the Depileve Low Profile Professional Warmer with a year’s manufacturer warranty, 25 pieces each of body and facial strips, ten pieces each of facial and body applicators, a seven-ounce pre-base, a 6.76 ounce Milk Cleanser, five pieces of collar rings, and one holder for the 14 ounce-Lavender Rosin Wax.

Still, for those who want only a wax warmer, the Depileve Pro Wax Warmer, like the rest of the Depileve warmer line, has been designed specifically to hold a 14 ounce-wax can but can easily accommodate other waxing or sugaring paste product in containers of similar measurement. It has an off-and-on switch controlled by the built-in thermostat, meaning the heating of the wax is controlled.

Don’t let the word “Pro” in Depileve Pro Wax Warmer make you hesitate about trying this product. It does not mean the warmer is for the exclusive use of professional estheticians only; the word “pro” here means that the results it will yield are of professional salon or spa quality. And that is what you will get while you spend only a fraction of the actual cost from waxing service at a professional salon or spa.

This will prove convenient for those who don’t have the patience to go back and forth to reheat the wax as it gets cold when it takes you time to apply it. The special plastic ABS of this warmer is heat resistant and will not discolor even after prolonged or frequent usage; it can also be easily cleaned after each use. The unique heating apparatus of this warmer enables a uniform meltdown of the wax in just 20 minutes.

If you are a newbie at waxing, the Depileve Pro Wax Warmer’s indicator light will let you know how the thermostat is operating. Given that, you can adjust the thermostat’s temperature according to your need or preference. All of these convenient features makes it a popular choice among at-home waxing DIYers.

#5. Parissa Wax Warmer

Parissa 120 Volt Wax WarmerThe Parissa Wax Warmer is for all of you regular waxing aficionados out there who want a product that delivers consistently high performance in heating and maintaining wax temperature during the waxing process. This warmer is compatible with all Persian Cold Wax and Parissa products except for those that are professionally-sized and the 2-in-1 Roll-On.

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This user-friendly warmer is so easy to use that even those who are novices in waxing can operate it in a jiffy. Simply place a wax container or sugaring paste product on the warmer directly for half an hour to reach and subsequently maintain the appropriate fluidity for seamless hair removal. As a precautionary measure, remember to check the product’s temperature before using it.

The waxing process can be a fairly easy procedure but what determines this is the reliability of the wax warmer that you choose. The Parissa Wax Warmer may not be your first choice but it is worth some serious consideration on your part. While you can use this warmer with other wax products, it is best to use one made by Parissa.

Of course you can always use your stovetop to heat any waxing product but it will take forever to get the right consistency right. You can also use the microwavable variety of waxing or sugaring paste product which will be time-consuming on your part since you would be doing a lot of reheating when the wax has cooled down even before you can apply it to the targeted area.

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