What is the best epilator for underarms?

best epilator for underarmsThe underarms are a common area that needs constant hair removal. The skin on this area of the body is sensitive, much like that on the face. As a result, removing hair from this part of the body should be done with much care. Aside from this, the general surface area of underarms is contoured differently so it can be difficult to get all the hair out.

These make it important to pick an epilator that is specifically designed for the task. Ideally, it should be small enough so that it can be moved around freely in different directions. At the same time, it is also good to pick one that has a round head and not too many tweezers on it. A rounded head helps with reaching difficult areas while fewer tweezers lessen skin irritation on the underarms. Some good choices are:

#1. Epilady EP-810-33A Legend 4th Generation Rechargeable Epilator

Epilady Legend 4th Generation Rechargeable epilatorAlthough this is a full-size epilator, it works well for underarms too because of its other features. Thanks to its wide head equipped with a perfect angle guide, reaching fine hairs at hard to reach areas becomes possible. It can remove even short and fine hairs that are often missed on the underarms.

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Being rechargeable it can also be used with or without its cord making it more convenient. There is no need to worry about whether or not the cord is long enough to go all the way up to the underarms. Not just for underarms, the Legend is also great for the legs and the bikini line. Fancy giving yourself a Brazilian? This Epilady can handle that!

Lastly, it also comes with two-speed choices. This provides users more control on how fast or slow they want the hair removed. Speed control can make hair removal more comfortable because users can pace how quickly, or slowly the hair is pulled out.

#2. Braun SE7681 Silk-épil 7 Wet and Dry Epilator

Braun SE7681 Silk-épil 7 Wet and Dry EpilatorHair epilation can be uncomfortable and using water can often soothe the pores of the skin. As a wet and dry epilator, this can be used safely in the shower to make hair removal gentler and skin smoother. Close-grip tweezers allow for the removal of hair as short as 0.5mm from the roots even. This makes it possible for the hairs to be gripped tightly even if it is wet. In the shower, epilation leaves the skin smoother and hair free longer than other methods.

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More than just an epilator, this comes with five different caps for various needs. A sensitive cap can be used for areas such as the underarms. The efficiency cap facilitates better and quicker hair removal. A facial cap can be used for removing facial hair. It’s trimmer cap will help cut down hair to the right length before epilation to avoid being pulled too much. Lastly, the shaver head attachment transforms the epilator into a fully functional shaver.

A cordless feature also makes it easy to use on different areas of the body that are often hard to reach. It makes it possible to maneuver in different angles and follow different contours of the body.

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#3. Emjoi Soft Caress

Emjoi Soft CaressCompact and portable, this small epilator packs a lot of features along with it. For starters, this comes with a 36 disc patented feature that comes with gold plated tweezers. These efficiently remove hair from the root quickly and comfortably. Even strands as short as 0.5mm can be eliminated without having to go over the area repeatedly. The gold plated tweezers are also hypoallergenic making it suitable for sensitive skin.

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A patented pain reduction technology helps reduce discomfort during epilation as well. This provides less irritation on the underarms reducing redness and bumps. More than just removing hair gently, it also has an antimicrobial protection that keeps bacteria and infections away.

Its contoured design allows it to naturally follow the body’s curves and remove hair even more effectively. A soft grip design makes it easy to hold as it is used with or without its cord. Also, dual speed settings allow for better control of hair removal.

#4. Philips HP 6520 Satin Soft

Philips HP 6520 Satin Soft epilatorNo need to worry about a cord getting in the way, or battery running out while epilating with this device. A handy cordless epilator, it can be conveniently used for up to 30 minutes without its cord. This gives enough time for full hair removal without any interruptions. Suitable for both wet and dry hair removal, it can be used with water in the shower as well to make epilating easier and gentler.

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With two speed settings, hair removal becomes less painful. A slow setting can be used for fine hairs while a fast setting is available for thick hair and roots. This also comes with a massage attachment that vibrates to help soothe the skin’s surface during hair removal. This minimizes irritation as hair removal is going on.

#5. Fyola 6-in-1 Hair Removal System

Kemei Fyola 6-in-1 hair removal system

This particular epilator was made to be used on sensitive areas. Suited especially for removing hair from areas such as the face, bikini area, and underarms, it is gentle. This epilator’s efficient system ensures hair removal of even the finest strands from the roots. Hair as short as 0.5mm can be removed making it suitable for use even after just a day of shaving.

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Smoother, hair-free skin for up to four weeks can be expected. It’s pivoting head and cordless feature adds to its ease and comfort of use, as well as its portability. It also comes with two different speed settings for fine hair and coarse hair.

How To Epilate Your Underarms Properly

Before You Go…

Keeping the body smooth, silky and hair free is not an easy task. There are various methods of getting rid of unwanted hair including waxing, shaving, plucking and using an epilator. Among these, using an epilator has become popular because of the results it brings. But then again, there are many different choices in the market for epilators and it is important to get the best one. Not all are made in the same way and each one works differently depending on what part of the body it is used on.

While it may seem expensive to get a high-end depilatory device, it is worth the investment. In the same way that disposable shavers are only good for a single use or two as compared to battery operated ones, cheap epilators are not likely to last as long as high-end ones. Aside from price, there are other factors that should be considered when choosing an epilator. Features, use, and durability are just some things to think about. By investing in a good epilator, you can save yourself time, money and effort in the long run.

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