Overview of the best cartridge and microwavable body wax kits

If you’re one of those who find at-home waxing messy and wanted a cleaner and simpler solution, you might be considering roll-on depilatory wax kits. Roller wax systems come in different forms, among the popular ones is the cartridge type and the microwavable wax.

The cartridge system has a cartridge filled with wax which is heated up and then rolled onto the targeted areas of the body. This new roll-on waxing version is less messy, easier to apply, and has no potential of burning skin like an overheated wax pot can or give nicks, razor burns or cuts that shaving can typically result in. Here are some brands that use the cartridge system to remove unwanted hair.

#1. Satin Smooth Nice ‘N Neat Cartridge Wax Warmer

Satin Smooth Nice 'n Neat cartridge waxA complete system for unwanted hair removal, the Satin Smooth Nice ‘N Neat Cartridge Wax System includes everything needed to prepare, treat, and care for skin that is smooth, silky, and hair-free. With three medium-sized and three large-sized cartridges pre-filled with wax that will heat up in exactly 20 minutes, you’ll have more than enough wax to last a few sessions.

This warmer comes with two separate electric thermostats equipped with seven settings for variable temperature control, an indicator light for the off-and-on switch, three slots for replacement cartridges of medium and large sizes, four non-slip feet made of rubber, a cord which wraps around the warmer’s bottom, and a flip top made of non-toxic plastic to keep in the heat.

The kit also has a hundred large pieces of waxing strips – each measuring three inches by nine inches – made of non-woven cloth, a hundred small pieces of waxing strips – each measuring 1.5 inches by four inches – three each of small and fine roller heads, four before-and-after waxing products (Cleanser, Cool, Hydrate, and Release) of four ounces each, and an instructional DVD.

#2. Clean + Easy Professional Waxing Spa (Full Service Kit)

Clean + Easy Professional Waxing Spa Full Service KitBoth professional aestheticians and home DIYers alike will be delighted with the Clean + Easy Professional Waxing Spa Full Service Kit, a complete waxing system that comes with a warmer, three packs each of small, medium, and large original wax, three packs of large-sized roller heads, three packs each of small, medium, and large wax for sensitive skin, and three roller heads in medium, fine, and small sizes. Other inclusions in the kit are:

• An instructional DVD.
• A pack each of 50 small, medium, and large epilating strips made of cloth material.
• A thermo sleeve.
• Restore Dermal Therapy Lotion.
• Pre-Wax Cleanser.
• Remove After Wax Remover Soothes Aloe Vera Gel.

Microwavable Roll-on Body Wax

Nair Roll-On Wax

Nair Hair Remover Roll-On Milk and Honey WaxNair Roll-On Wax has been designed specifically to remove unwanted hair in sensitive and delicate areas and the unique thing about it is that you can use it in a matter of ten seconds. The sugar-based formula of this hair remover has the sweet scent of orchid and a whiff of violet. You get four weeks longer of hair-free skin that is smooth and silky, a whole lot of time longer than if you shaved.

It has a bottle with an ergonomic shape and an applicator that delivers a professional result by following the body’s contours. This makes wax application precise and even for an entire and uniform coverage. The wax formulation of Nair Roll-On Wax coats hair from root to tip for easier removal. This microwavable roll-on is ready for use in ten seconds, as mentioned, after you microwave it.

Nair Moroccan Argan Oil Rinseable Wax Max Salon StrengthNair’s unique roll-on can be applied precisely in multiple positions by all three of its variants: (1) Milk and Honey, (2) Brazilian Spa Clay, and (3) Moroccan Argan Oil. Moreover, all three are microwavable in 25 seconds or less, depending on the variant, which saves time and effort for the user while still getting the same professional quality offered at a salon or spa.

All three variants have several things in common: they can be washed off with plain water and soap, yield varying results that may last for up to eight weeks for some users, and removes the coarsest and shortest of hairs. Moroccan Argan Oil has 100% of the natural argan oil that bears its name, infused with a hint of orange blossom. It includes ten pieces of reusable strips made of washable cloth material.

The Brazilian Spa Clay roll-on is infused with natural clay rich in minerals, mango, and acai berry. Like its Moroccan Argan Oil cousin, the Brazilian Spa Clay has a mess-free application, can provide the user silky, smooth, and hair-free skin for up to two months, and includes ten cloth strips. ‘Milk and Honey’ is heated in just 15 seconds via the microwave. This pure sugaring wax has the features of the other two variants as well.

How to Use a Roll-on Wax

Nair Hair Remover Brazilian Spa Clay Roll-On WaxBefore using any skin product, including a roll-on wax, do the patch test first and wait a day before proceeding to apply it. While you may experience a slight discomfort from a roll-on wax like any other treatment such as redness of the skin, this is considered normal and soon disappears. Hair must be ¼ inch long to successfully remove it, albeit some products claim to remove hair as short as 2 millimeters.

Remember to hold skin to be treated tautly and to pull back or zip the wax quickly and close to your skin. The following steps are general guidelines on how to use this unwanted hair removal; some brands may have varying procedures from others so you have to read the instructions from the manufacturer thoroughly before using your chosen brand. You first heat up the cartridge according to said instructions.

Remember that there are cartridges which still have to be placed in an electronic device that has to be plugged into an outlet and others have to be put in a microwave or even a bowl of water in order to be heated up. At any rate, here are the rest of the steps which you should do when you use a roll-on warmer; remember to follow them in the order that they have been indicated here:

  • After heating the cartridge, remove it from the warmer, microwave or hot water and position it so the roller faces down toward that part of your body which you will remove the unwanted hair from.
  • Roll cartridge over that part in one swipe while gently squeezing to dispense only a thin layer of the wax on your targeted skin area.
  • Set cartridge aside and place the included cloth strip onto the wax layer and allow this to remain there until the wax has slightly cooled or from 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Grasp a corner of the strip firmly and pull this off rapidly to remove both wax and hair away from your body.
  • Treat the area with any lotion or post-epilation cream included in your purchase of the roll-on.

Check out this video review of the Nair Hair Remover Roll-On Wax:

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