The best at home waxing kits for bikini and Brazilian

Brazilian and bikini waxing seem to be the order of the day, especially for women. It is no surprise, therefore, to see more and more beauty salons stepping up to offer bikini wax services to their customers. However, some women still dread the procedure not only due to the pain but more on the embarrassment of having a stranger working on your crotch. This is why more women prefer to have this daunting procedure done in the comforts of home.

Best at Home Wax for Bikini

The bikini line is a sensitive area which can become irritated, red, and sore if you use a poor quality kind of wax product. Waxing the bikini line can be difficult, primarily because the crotch area has the tiniest hair which not be easily removed with just one pass. To solve this, you just have to get a home wax that has been formulated specifically for the bikini line.

You need hard wax – one which does not require muslin strips – in this area since it is best at picking even the coarsest of hairs. You will need a skin moisturizer for post-waxing purposes, baby oil, popsicle sticks, and a trimming razor for the bikini line. Most commercial waxing kits include not only popsicle sticks but wipes as well; the wipes are usually used instead of baby oil.

Best Waxing Kits for Brazilian

While there have been reports of unpleasant experiences associated with Brazilian waxing, there are also benefits to the procedure. Brazilian waxing works on all hard-to-reach places with unwanted hair. This means going beyond the usual waxing of the bikini line. A Brazilian wax involves the removal of all hair in the pubic area, including that between butt cheeks.

This means no single hair strand will remain in that nether region of yours after a Brazilian wax. Given that delicate procedure, having it done at a professional salon will certainly cost a considerable sum.

#1. Gigi Brazilian Waxing Kit

gigi-brazilian-waxing-kitBrazilian waxing at home means buying the best Brazilian wax there is. The Brazilian Waxing Kit by GiGi is a complete system that includes the following in every kit:

• One warmer with cover with a holding capacity of 14 ounces.
• 14 ounces of Brazilian hard wax.
• 10 large pieces of Accu-edge applicators.
• One two-ounce oil for pre-epilation.
• One two-ounce cooling gel for post-wax application.
• 10 small pieces of applicators.
• One instructional DVD.

With everything you need in one pack, this kit can be used to start offering professional waxing service (some salons even use this!). Even if you use it at home, you’ll be guaranteed professional results, provided that you’ve followed instructions to the T!

#2. Surgi-Wax Kit for Private Parts

Surgi-wax Brazilian Waxing KitOn the other hand, the Surgi-Wax Brazilian Waxing Kit will give you results without the use of muslin strips. It comes in a jar designed with a handle to safeguard against potential burning from the hot wax that can easily be microwaved. The kit includes oil for pre-epilation to soften hair that is about to be removed and ensure that the wax quickly and firmly adheres only to unwanted hair and never on the skin.

This home waxing kit includes easy-to-grip, wide spatulas to enable wide spreading of more wax to the targeted area with one swipe. Additionally, the kit comes with a waxing guide that has step-by-step detailed instructions complete with illustrations to ensure that the waxing procedure is easy for you to follow and complete. This Brazilian wax can keep stubble away from your private part for as long as six weeks.

#3. Nad’s Brazilian and Bikini Wax

Nad's Brazilan & Bikini Wax KitAnother product worth considering is Nad’s Brazilian & Bikini Wax, a formulation made for thicker and coarser pubic hair. This hard wax does not require the use of backing strips and is infused with the scents of peach and mango.

What sets Nad’s apart from the rest is that the kit comes with four templates designed specifically to personalize the results in your body’s most intimate region. This is also the cheapest option among the three. Although meant for down under, this wax also works great for the upper lips, brows and other smaller areas.

Great Tips For Bikini Waxing At Home

Well, are you one of these brave women who have decided to go down this path? Have you always wanted to perform the bikini wax on yourself? This article takes a look at the simple way in which you can achieve a perfect bikini wax from the comfort of your home. It might sound absurd at first, but trust me because when you get it right you will never look back again.

A word of warning…

As much as the popularity for do-it-yourself Brazilian and bikini wax is on the rise, the professional way still remains the safest method. In fact, incidences of injuries arising from bikini waxing done at home have been reported in several places with the statistics slightly alarming. The statistics we have on the injuries acquired in this way are underestimates since a majority of the victims do not seek treatment for the fear of the embarrassment the revelation of the injuries might bring.

It is such women who have encountered problems while waxing at home that have encouraged the writing of this article. We shall strive to provide the reader with great tips on how to wax at home without the fear of injuries. We intend to transform your home waxing procedure into one that you look up to instead of dreading. Here are some of the tips to guide you along your waxing.

1. Clean Up

Since waxing often involves pathogens, cleaning becomes the first essential step. Cleaning here implies your body hygiene and the cleanliness of your set of equipment. It is highly recommended that you sterilize all your equipment before applying the wax. You will need a clean towel and your set of tools should be in their original packages.

Although the wax is hot enough to destroy pathogens, it still cannot provide 100% guarantee that all the pathogens will be destroyed. A fresh application stick should also be used with each application of the wax.

2. Wash Off

Taking a tepid shower with mild soaps will be necessary to clean up the application area. You should be cautious when it comes to the soap selection since the vaginal area can be quite sensitive at times. Exfoliating the area with either a scrub or a cloth will also be good for the removal of dead skin. Ibuprofen should be taken an hour prior to the procedure in order to minimize discomforts and inflammation.

Some women have tried the pre-packaged disinfecting wet wipes on the pubic area and found it to work. You should probably try this too given you are not sensitive to any of the disinfectants.

3. Select The Right Tools

Waxing is diverse and involves a whole manner of tools. There are tools that are specifically made for facial applications while others are ideal for the pubic area. Nonetheless, you should always have the following items in your possession in order to perform the bikini wax at home:

• Plenty of wax

• Wax strips

• Wax dissolving oil

• Tweezers

• Clean towels

• Wooden applicators

For the other tools, there is nothing that a little trial and error wouldn’t help solve. Gather all the necessaries to avoid having to rush to the drug store halfway through the process.

4. Check The Length Of Hair

For an effective and less painful bikini wax, professionals recommend that you check that your hair length does not exceed a quarter of an inch. Shorter hair will also be problematic since the wax won’t stick easily. For longer hair, it is prudent that you first trim it using a pair of scissors or an electric razor to the appropriate length. Once you have done that, you should keep in mind that the wax application is done in the direction of hair growth.

In conclusion, the above are the major considerations that should be taken by women who desire the satisfaction that comes with doing their own waxing. It is also important for one to know when it is appropriate to seek medical attention. The pain is not supposed to be unbearable or long lasting either. If bikini waxing is for you, then go for it.

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